05 30 Park Güell

A much needed “down day” after our epic journey, Daniel, Andrea, Ellen and Jim (Gwen was still working) set off in the late morning for the Park Güell.    The walk from the metro involves a lot of stairs (or escalators, but we scorn escalators) up to the top of a hill.

First stop was Les Tres Creus, a 12 footrock topped with three crosses, accessed by a slightly precarious stairway and crowded with tourists, to our eyes, although this was still not high season.   The view was okay, but not worth the jostling and feeling that you might get knocked off the top at any moment.

Find the fabulous and strange in this picture

We wandered through the fabulous and strange Gaudi-imagined landscape, of tree-like pillars and embellished houses.

Gaudi gingerbread houses

Eventually we reached the iconic sculpture of the lizard, covered in enamelled blue tiles…but it didn’t look like the lizard on the post cards we’d seen, which was green!   Further wandering back up the hill into a wilder area of the park brought us to a pool and fountain.   We never found the green lizard and concluded that it may have been a chameleon as the colours were mutable, either in the original or the reproductions.

We found a short cut down to the metro station and headed off to the Corte Ingles in Plaça Catalunya to shop, also stopping for a cooling (or indulgent) ice cream.   Back to camp, chores and supper.


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