05 18 The Kids’ Arrival in Barcelona.

May 18th — May 23rd

Andrea and I had planned to take two days to get from St. Gallen to the Yellow Nest Hostel (booked by Gwen) in Barcelona. Our only stop was in Avignon where we spent a whole day walking around the city and getting blown around by the wind. But that’s not about Catalonia, and as such I will leave the details for our own blog site.

Upon our arrival in Sants Station we gathered our train-drained minds and hopped onto the metro to take us to our hostel. The venue was lovely and welcoming, as is the case with most hostels, and we checked in with no problem. A quick scouting trip while we waited for Gwen to arrive revealed some grocery stores and other amenities in the area. One thing I will say for Barcelona is that it is a very beautiful city. Many of the buildings and other structures look very interesting, and there’s all sorts of sculpture and colour everywhere. Andrea and I came across this (below) in a park.  It’s actually a slide.

That evening Gwen flew in and appeared in the Hostel dining area at about the same time as we were sitting down to dinner. I was extremely pleased to see my slightly dazed sister and was looking forward to spending some time with her on the trip. She mentioned somewhat offhandedly that she needed to write a paper, but I didn’t fully appreciate the scope of this task at the time.

Our next two days weren’t exciting, but they were wonderfully relaxing, well for Andrea and I anyways. While we were strolling around Barcelona and drinking refreshing drinks on the rooftop patio, poor Gwen was cocooned in basement of the hostel, typing furiously at the computer, and napping whenever she needed the energy.

Two nights later we moved out of the hostel and went by bus to the 3 Estrellas Campground. This would be our home base for about two weeks. The campground was right on the beach close to the airport, but also close to some protected wildlife zones. After weighing the pros and cons, the cons being noisy airplanes taking off RIGHT over your head, I’d still say it was a great place to stay.

Again, the next two days were rather relaxed, with much time spent strolling around the beach and bird-watching (but we didn’t get to see a Purple Swamp Hen).  The exception to our relaxed holiday was when Andrea and I walked for 3 hours to try and find a grocery store only to be defeated by an endless maze of concrete motorways and zooming cars. I will admit though, when we did get there, we found the biggest wall of meat I have ever seen in my life. And still, Gwen worked.

Five days after our arrival, we were joined by my parents, Jim and Ellen, so we went to meet them at the Airport. And Gwen worked.

by Daniel


3 Responses to 05 18 The Kids’ Arrival in Barcelona.

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  2. Terry Jeffers says:

    Thank you for taking the time to give us your story. Love it!!!! – Terry J.

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