06-04 A Day of Cycling Around Girona

06-04 A Day of Cycling and Rain

We were excited today to go to Ullastret, an Iberian village dating from the sixth century BC.

To reach it we took the bus from Girona to Bisbal.   Nearby was Sant Miquel del castell de la Bisbal, a church so remarkably dull that we didn’t take any pictures.

Sant Esteve de Canapost was much more exciting.     In the churchyard were about twenty stone sarcophagi, all oriented in more or less the same direction, a medieval (?) necropolis.   There was distinctive herringbone stonework near the portal of the church and I got excited and had to do a sketch.   As you can see the tower of the church is quite impressive too.

Our trusty steeds at Sant Esteve

Sarcophagi at Sant Esteve

Portal at Sant Esteve showing herringbone stonework

Detail of herringbone

Tower of Sant Esteve with the artist at work

Sant Pere d’Ullastret is a fairly typical example of a Catalunyan Romanesque church.    The apses with their Lombardian decorations show up well in this photo.

Sant Pere d’Ullastret

Our excitement mounted as we neared Ullastret, the Iberian village…only to plummet when we found it was closed.   It was Monday after all and museums are closed on Mondays.   (We hadn’t known it was a museum.)

The rest of our day didn’t improve much.    We made a tour of the area, seeing some pretty undistinguished churches along the way.   (You can follow the links to Viquipèdia if you want to see pictures.)

The other thing which prevented us getting pictures was that the weather was intermittently rainy, so we were pretty happy to get back to Girona and dry out.

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