06-09 Girona to Besalú, uh, that would be Olot

The plan was to bus from Girona to Besalú. Because we’d have five bicycles, five big packs and two sets of saddlebags, we decided to go in two groups, Gwen, Jim and I would go first, then Andrea and Daniel would follow on the next bus. I went to buy tickets, carrying my bike helmet with me, thank heaven. The ticket seller told me bikes weren’t allowed on the bus! This was a different bus company than the one we had been using to get out and about around Girona. What to do?

We headed back to the hostel, receiving puzzled looks from the proprietor who had bid us adieu less than an hour before. I explained that the bus didn’t allow bikes and he pulled out a map with a green road on it, and said this bus company only allowed bikes to stops along the Via Verde (“green way”) a bike route on an old railway line.   Needless to say, Besalú wasn’t on the Via Verde.

We went up to our room and reunited with Dandrea, and together saw that we could travel to Olot instead and see all the things we wanted to. We got there without a hitch, found the campground, which though basic was run by a wonderful family, who were thrilled when Gwen spoke Catalan. They loaned us a table and chairs and laughed as Daniel ran down the lane with the table inverted on his head! We were introduced to the expression “Vale!” (which I have no idea how to spell, but is pronounced more or less “Ballet!”) which means “ok”, “great” and a lot of other things. There was a little bar where we could get juice or cheap beer, watch soccer, charge electronics etc…we’d ended up in a great place!


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